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The Upper Cervical Spine Center

The Upper Cervical Spine Center
2550 W Arrowood Rd, Ste 104
Charlotte NC
Booth:: 2810

Company Description:

At the Upper Cervical Spine Center we look to the root cause of your health concerns. The upper neck houses the brain stem, the master control center, and when these bones are misaligned they do not allow the body to heal and communicate leading to various health issues. We have technology to analyze, locate, and correct this issue allowing your body to heal and thrive. We have helped many conditions ranging from: headaches, migraine's, trigeminal neuralgia, skull/face numbness/pain, neck pain, vertigo, Meniere's, tinnitus, balance issues, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, mid back pain, low back pain, sciatica, hip/knee/ankle pain, digestive disorders, and various others health concerns. Ask and see if we can help!

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$40 Upper Cervical Chiropractic Examination: * Consultation * Full Spinal Examination * Specific Upper Cervical X-rays * Report of Findings **Normally a $450 value


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